ORIGINS. Mandarina Duck, the Italian fashion company specialised in leather goods and travel items, was set up in 1977.

Ever since the beginning, the brand's icon has been the Mandarin duck - the cute, colourful traveller and lifelong mate. This makes it the perfect representation of an unstoppable desire to explore the many dimensions of style, design and colour, without losing sight of its peculiarities. Since its very first collection colour has been key for Mandarina Duck, with the boldly coloured UTILITY line launching in the brand's first year on a leather goods market monopolised by conventional and almost exclusively monochrome products. Season after season, the use of colour became increasingly important.


Mandarina Duck is an innovative brand offering creative and original solutions with a contemporary, informal style to a demanding, curious, positive and on-the-move consumer.  It is able to offer an extraordinary level of functionality thanks to an unmatched combination of solutions and smart design, unconventional materials, original use of colour and painstaking attention to detail. The emotions channelled by the product are not purely aesthetical, but express an interest in finding functional, smart and original solutions.

The appeal of the collections goes beyond mere "form" to comprehensively involve the senses of touch and sight; these senses must be coordinated and channelled by a broader, global project that can perceive and act on cultural shifts and changes in taste.

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Mandarina Duck